Prophetic Worship Leader . Teacher . Equipper . Mentor 

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About Me

Margaret and her husband Richard live in Calgary, Alberta. Together they planted Harvest CFC in 1990 and for the past 31 years they have worked side by side in their full-time ministry calling. Margaret's primary responsibility was to serve the church as the worship and creative arts director. Recently, the Lord began to stir Margaret's passion to broaden her vision for equipping, training and preparing the greater body of Christ to experience more of God's presence and anointing in the days ahead. So after much prayer and seeking the Lord with the leaders of Harvest CFC it was decided that it was time to release Margaret from her role at Harvest CFC. So with the full blessing of the team she is now available to go and serve the greater body of Christ with her gifts and anointing to help other communities experience prophetic worship. Margaret believes that Holy Spirit anointed worship will be an integral part of hosting Gods Holy presence and the weight of His Glory for Revival.*1650049882606*1650046728575*divider*svg?alt=media&token=90008b8a-7985-42e7-a869-bd33b2e90cab

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