Prophetic Worship

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About Me

Margaret has served in ministry beside her husband Richard as lead pastors at Harvest CFC in Calgary for over 30 years. While gifted in many different roles, Margaret's primary passion revolves around worship! Her heart's desire has always been intentionally focused on a central vision, “to find, mentor and release tomorrows Holy Spirit empowered, prophetically anointed worship leaders, today!” Margaret has been blessed by many opportunities to lead worship locally, nationally and internationally on stages of all sizes (even on a Cruise Ship)! Margaret is also a prolific song writer and musician and has produced 4 CD’S over the last number of years. Her solo project, "The Time Has Come" was nominated for a GMA in 2000, and in 2011 her album with touring band Grace Revolution was nominated for album of the year at the CMA awards. She’s still very passionate about writing songs for the church and is part of a writing collective in Calgary. Over the past number of years her ministry has grown to include conference speaking, regular preaching, mentoring leaders and being a coach and cheerleader for the next generation. She also enjoys being a mom and loves to spend time with her grandchildren as often as she can!*1650049882606*1650046728575*divider*svg?alt=media&token=90008b8a-7985-42e7-a869-bd33b2e90cab
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